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Structured Style Object Oriented Style Advanced Python Framework
HTML5 CSS JavaScript
MySQL Oracle
Programs on Patterns Programs on Numbers Programs on Arrays Programs on Strings Programs on HackerRank & LeetCode
Communication Development Sessions Interview Preparation Sessions Career Guidance Sessions HR Questions Resume Building Sessions
Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning Verbal

Key Features

Problem Solving

Students tom how to solve problems that important to them , including real community issues, more effectively-even learning from failure.


Students apply creative thinking skills to innovate new product designs and possibilities for projects.

In-Depth Understanding

Students build on their research skills and deepen their learning of applied content beyond facts or memorization.


Students find their voice and learn to take pride in their work, boosting their knowledge and purpose.

Critical Thinking

Students learn to look at problem with a critical thinking lens, asking questions and coming up with possible solutions for.


In working on a project, students learn to manage obstacles more effectively , often learning from failure and possibly starting.